I wanted to thank all the people who made this event a success and especially the Soccer Placement agency that has mobilized all its strengths with passion and professionalism.

It was for me a rewarding experience that I would not fail to value around me.

I wish everyone the best for the times to come.

I will end with a quote that I think could be appropriate for all the participants of the event (staff and players):

“Success is a path that patience and work make accessible”

 Pierre-Simon BALLANCHE (French writer and philosopher)

Reda Hammache, RC Lens

Reda Hammache, RC Lens

I thought it was good overall. The event was well managed by the coaches & staff.I also noticed that the coaches helped teams have create more affinity amongst players, which facilitated chemistry and communication on the field.

I think we could have improved the Showcase by giving some snacks between games because some players did not know what to have or did not eat anything at all. This may have influenced the performance on the field in consequence.


I am very satisfied with the Showcase.

Thanks to this event, my future is slowly emerging. The coaches and all the staff were amazing, you made us feel comfortable and in my opinion, that’s a big plus.

The level of play was quite strong. I really like the fact that we are very well surrounded and encouraged by the staff.

You helped us ensure that we had the best chance at succeeding during the Showcase!


Je voulais juste vous faire savoir que le Showcase ce week-end était excellente.

Sur la base de ce que j’ai vu, nous prévoyons assister à votre Showcase chaque année et de développer une relation avec vous avec le recrutement, la représentation des joueurs et les parties amicales.

Robert Dow, Université du Vermont

Congratulations on your event. As I mentioned during the Showcase, everything was impeccable!

Jean Bordeleau, Président du club des Braves D’Ahuntsic

Merci encore pour cette magnifique Showcase et pour nous montrer le Vieux-Port le samedi soir.

Michael Tanke, Université de Dayton

Tout d’abord, je veux juste dire que moi ainsi que les autres entraîneurs de Bridgeport ont été très impressionnés par le Showcase. Le niveau était très fort et nous sommes ravis de travailler avec Soccer Placement.

Encore une fois, merci pour ce week-end merveilleux! Je sais que je peux parler pour Magnus, Scott et moi-même quand je dis que nous serons tous de retour l’année prochaine.

Tommy Mattera, University de Bridgeport

Here is what I thought about the Showcase in 2017.

In general, I liked it. I think we were well supervised, as much by the staff as by the services offered. The organization of the showcase matches was very good.

For me, the fact that I had Vincent Tuffier as support for the goalkeepers especially for warm-ups before games, was awesome! He played a big role to help get me noticed during the Showcase, which for goalkeeper is quite difficult at times.

Thank you so much, to all the staff!


Je veux d’abord vous dire merci d’avoir organisé cet événement.

C’était super utile pour nous et était vraiment bien établi!

Brad Keller, University Vermont